This series of 7 pre-movie animation films takes cinema audiences all over North America on a multidimensional, experiential ride. 

Going beyond the look of a cinematic blockbuster into a new visual DNA – our concept plays with scale, motion, sound and gravity, exploding in a world of magic realism and crystalline creativity. 

We designed all textures and visuals to have a photoreal quality, challenging the viewer by stylising abstract, potent forms that are lit and rendered realistically. This human touch applied to impossible images grounds our narrative in the real and recognisable, exploring a unique visual language of expansion and potential. This concept was designed to create a sensory, intense cinematic experience - viewed by cinema audiences before every AMC blockbuster screening for a three year run. 

  • Producer: Blacklist
  • Executive Producer: Andrew Linsk
  • Manager: Megan Janus
  • Creative Director: Ryan Kellog
Agency: HUGE INC
  • Producer: Megan Janus
  • Creative Director: Oriol Puig 
  • Art Direction: Laura Ibáñez, 
  • Executive Producer: Chris Vulpi
  • Head of Production: Albert García Vila
  • Production Coordinator: Hatty Christie
  • Storyboard Artist: Allan Rabelo
  • 2D FX animation artist: Aleix Pitach
  • 3D Animation/Lighting/Rendering:
    • Alex Martin
    • Alberto Corpas
    • Oriol Mayolas
    • Ariadna Ollé
  • 3D Animation: Hugo Garcia
  • 3D Lighting/Rendering: 
    • Martynas Genkovas
    • Joan Pardo
  • 3D FX artist: 
    • Florian Thamer
    • Kris Cook
    • Yigit Acik
  • Flame Artist: Mikel Gomez
  • Music Composer: Hannan Townshend
  • Sound FX: Aimar Molero