Ariel Ambrosia | Director's Cut

We directed a commercial for Ariel Ambrosia Detergent for Saatchi UK. What you see here is our Director’s Cut – the artistic vision that provided the visual heart of the commercial concept. 

Our 3D liquid skills tell the brand story of the Ariel pod through a serene, simple and elegant dance. We portray the narrative of this detergent’s effectiveness through graceful and playful movement recalling the internal spin of a washing machine – with shapes and magic that could seem purely for the sake of art, if they didn’t so clearly bring to mind the world of laundry and cleanliness. 

BRAND: Procter & GambleAGENCY: Saatchi & Saatchi UK


Creative Director: Oriol Puig
Producer: Oriol Vives 
Head of Production: Albert García Vila
Executive Producer: Chris Vulpi
Art Direction & Research: Laura Ibañez
3D Lead: Evaldas Cesnavicius, Gerard Casas

3D Artists: Oriol Mayolas, Kristijan Mršić, WetWorks, Francisco Lara, Valdemaras Dzengo, Rigel Bowen.
Photographer: Marçal Vaquer
2D Artist: Laura Ibañez