Beautyrest | Rethink

(Barcelona) Trizz studio directed “Rethink”, in a series of fully animated films for high end mattress maker Harmony Lux’s latest US BeautyRest tv and digital campaigns by New York agency Badger and Winters. 

The master film is set under the sea, where a sweetly hopeful turtle is making her way through tons of junk plastic bottles which get transformed into pure, soft threading and the hero mattress.

“This conscientious product proves that BeautyRest is an industry game changer doing their part to save nature”, explains Trizz director Oriol Puig, “I really appreciate their ecological process using recycled sea plastics from SEAQUAL - which uses about 50 bottles per mattress. Coincidentally I knew about SEAQUAL, a catalonian company that supplies the threads. I had visited them and seeing they were authentic, bestowed a dutiful basis as we designed the CG vignettes, art directed by Fabio Medrano”.

The campaign which covered deliverables for all media channels utilises Trizz’s full range of capabilities in character animation, fluids, particles, cloth and architectural CG rendering.

“This US project marks our first award with new representation by Hustle”, explains Trizz EP Christopher Vulpi. “This was a great team effort, made during the COVID lockdown. Prior to award, Trizz had just completed setting up our remote systems - so we really hit the ground running and with Senior producer Simon Bath, managed a crew of 15 to get everything out on time, including Oriol’s director's cut”.
We hope you enjoy quality sleep and a cleaner sea!

  • CMO: Melanie Huet
  • Head of Marketing: Michael Sileck III
  • Senior Brand Manager: Maria Burgess
  • Brand Manager: Nekisha Wright
  • Head of Client Services: Matt Whitmer
  • Creative Director: Ben Jackson


  • Creative Director: Oriol Puig
  • Senior Producer: Simon Bath
  • Executive Producer: Chris Vulpi
  • Head of Production: Albert Garcia Vila
  • Art Director: Laura Ibañez
  • Art Research: Katerina Mileva
  • Storyboard: Ignasi Moreno


  • Chief Creative Officer: Madonna Badger
  • Executive Creative Director: Clark Fisher
  • Creative Director: John Castrillon
  • Senior Copywriter: John Olson
  • Senior Art Director: Grethal Zarate
  • Head of Production: Celeste Holt-Walters
  • Producer: Celia Ettinger
  • Director of Business Affairs: Ruth Lawler
  • Managing Director: Natalie Troubh
  • Management Supervisor: Chares Christie
  • Account Supervisor: Paige Leong
  • Project Manager: Kathleen Kyllo


  • Music & Sound Design: Cypher
  • Composer: Joris Van Grunsven
  • Sound Design / Mix: John Black


  • Creative Director: Fabio Medrano
  • 3D Animatic Artist & Animator: Alan Carabantes
  • Art Director / 3D Lead Artist: Alberto Corpas
  • VFX Supervisor / 3D Lead Artist: Oriol Mayolas
  • Art Director / 3D Lead Artist: Gabor Ekes
  • Art Director / 3D Lead Artist: Marcel Piekarski
  • Art Director / 3D Simulations: Jose Gallardo
  • Digital Matte Painter: David Gibbons
  • 3D Modellers: Rafa Zabala, Abner Marin
  • 3D Rigging, Texture & Animation: Hampa Studio
  • Animation Director: Manu González
  • Flame Artist: Mikel Gomez
  • Compositor: David Gomez