Dermot Kennedy - Giants

Dermot Kennedy’s new single Giants is a powerfully steadfast and introspective song-story told in a breathtaking film by Barcelona studio, Trizz and director Oriol Puig where massive earth formations and Dermot’s body are transformed along a hyper imaginative journey. This project marks the first music video collaboration between BlinkInk UK and Trizz.

Speaking about the incredible piece, Puig says "We started with the simplest expression, a spark to ignite the journey. We then created a subject and set it in constant motion, sometimes struggling through different situations, stopping to enjoy moments of simple beauty, a metaphor for a constantly evolving life. Coronavirus has made people rethink their relationship to nature and how that affects our actions. It’s made us rethink and visualize the impact we have and how quickly nature is able to self-heal. This brings us to a new set of emotions and a new angle on what our priorities should be."
Together with UK production partners at Blinkink, Trizz were commissioned in lockdown during mid Covid, just as nature’s recovery became apparent.”

The film was made 95% in 3D plus singing sequences of Dermot on greenscreen shot from his home during Covid. Experts in visual storytelling at a cinematic level of computer generated effects, animation, fluid simulations and epic photoreal environments, Trizz scanned existing video footage of Dermot to learn his poise and mimic as well as reference his textures which were used to model his features within the exoskeleton. The environments were 3D constructed in technology based off photos, shaded, lit and manipulated using procedural and particle systems.

Working remotely using special cloud based systems for review and rendering, the project spanned over 3 months with weekly updates presented to the record label executives in the UK. The Interdubs team were hugely supportive throughout, making this film one of the most pleasant productions of the year, despite the challenges poised under Covid lockdown.

By contrasting nature’s return, beauty and peacefulness to global human fears of entrapment and confinement, director Oriol Puig was drawn to physically represent Dermot as an antique metallic exoskeleton within environments that warp, merge and in some scenes reveal reflections growing from the inside out.

The power of nature and Dermot’s persona suggest a spirit of both mechanical and detailed phenomena in Puig’s artistic mind.

As emphasis, using effects for twisting and reordering nature and by playing with scapes that could be real places redefine moments of awe through impossible transformations and sculptural metaphors. The visuals provide an ethereal frame as Dermot’s shell traverses the multiple terrains.

“Signing with BlinkInk is an exciting development for Trizz in the UK market”, says co-founder and Executive Producer, Christopher Vulpi. “The team headed by Bart Yates and Josef Byrne are fantastic people with the demeanor, technical vocabulary and top networks for helping us build relationships with clients seeking customised collaborations. Fresh creativity is a priority for every great brand and we are all dedicated to providing that bespoke craft and design. Our international team has a modern hands-on approach, and our utility of end-to-end integrated production methodologies is a value that clients find incredibly beneficial”.

Video Commissioner: Caroline Clayton


Bart Yates EP, Partner
Josef Byrne EP


Creative Director: Oriol Puig 
Art Director: Alex Martin
Senior Producer: Harriet Christie 
Head of Production: Albert García
Executive Producer: Chris Vulpi 
Art Research: Laura Ibañez, Katerina Mileva
3D Lead: Alex Martin 
2D Lead: Mikel Gomez

3D Artist: Alberto Corpas, Alan Caravantes, Hampa Studio
2D Artist: Jorge Febrero
Editor: Oriol Puig


Lighting and Camera: Oriol Puig
Phantom Operator: Laura Ibañez
Shoot Assistant: Katerina Mileva
Sand Rig Design: Albert García
FX Technical Director: Marcos Diaz


Director: Brendan Canty 
Cinematographer: Colm Hogan
Production Company: Antidote films