A series of images seemingly unconnected - but full of intention, direction, purpose. For this film we turned to the inspiration and craft behind the Hyundai Genesis, transmuting it into warm, human imagery that fills us with intrigue and satisfaction.  

The precision of birds in flight, the relentless power of the sea, a portal of light in the deep wilderness asking a question without words. Moving into sequences that are a sensory study of the materials of the Genesis car – gravity is defied and the nature of time shifts, symbolising the unique power of Hyundai’s star creation.

Innocean Worldwide ( Lead Agency )
  • Creative Director: Lewis Hunt
  • Executive Producer: Morten Frantz
  • Account Director: Petra Erbova
  • Film Concept Development: Oriol Puig and Lewis Hunt
  • Creative Directors: Oriol Puig and Alex Martín
  • Executive Producer: Chris Vulpi
  • Art Direction: Oriol Puig and Alex Martín
  • Additional Art Direction and Research: Laura Ibañez
  • Modeling/Simulation/Lighting/Rendering: Alex Martín
  • Animation: Hugo García
  • Storyboard: Javier Vaquero
  • Editing: Oriol Puig
  • Set Design: Albert García Vila
  • Set construction: Albert García Vila, Laura Ibañez and Anna Caterina Melo
  • Live action: Oriol Puig, Laura Ibañez, Oriol Vives
  • 3d scanning and modeling support: Juan Leon / Ariadna Ollé
  • Rigging ( Hand scene ): Joan Buhigas

  • Music Composer: Hanan Townshend