Our work for Geox reimagines the construction of their shoe via a secret, airy, atomic world of material technology and perfectly balanced design. 

We simulate a microscopic world full of fibrous ripples and aerated comfort, zeroing on an incredibly detailed space – of our own creation – that signifies the comfort and craftsmanship Geox is known for. 

Our intention was to captivate the viewer with the hidden technology of this product. Oscillating through visual energy that is powerful and then serene, through visions of soft movement and light cascading through air, collapsing into the solid real world manifestation of the Geox shoe for our conclusion – we make real this sensory world of comfort and technological wonder. 


Production Studio: TRIZZ STUDIO
  • Creative Director: Oriol Puig
  • Executive Producer: Chris Vulpi
  • Head of Production: Albert García Vila
  • Producer: Oriol Vives
  • Head Light & Art Direction: Alex Martín
  • Shoot & VFX Supervisor; Oriol Mayolas 
  • Modeling: Luis Guzmán
  • Lighting & Modeling : Oriol Mayolas
  • Styleframing: Evaldas Cesnavicius
  • Art Direction & Research: Laura Ibañez
  • Tracking: Yusef el Khadir
  • Lead Animator: Hugo García
  • Animators: Lucas Riess / Sara Riobo
  • Rigging: Joan Buhigas
  • Compositing: Boris Martinez
  • FX support: Philippe Gutierrez
  • Color Grading: Xavi Santolaya
  • Music: Alex Candela (Flow Audio)
  • Storyboard; Allan Rabelo
  • Production Service; Cannonball 
  • Executive Producer: Carles Muñoz
  • Director of Photography: Sergi Gallardo
  • Assistant Director: Santi Trullenque
  • Making Off Photography: Isidre Garcia