Givenchy Noir

Black Algae was born of the earth’s natural energies and infused by the power of creation. Resilient and adaptable, enduring time and extreme conditions, Givenchy labs extract the essence of this energy from the Diatoms of plankton and neophyte-bone, they yield the core serum which protects and nourishes the skin.

Working with McCann Shanghai and BETC Paris, Trizz developed their own version of high tech lab work during production. Within our 60sq meter shoot studio, we reconstructed science as an exquisite process, recorded on high speed phantom photography and physically animated in ways made possible by the genius of our practical effects team!

Meticulously told, this visually powerful and poetic journey starts from a “Big Bang” and accelerates into hyper lapse depictions of nature’s turbulent forces as they energise the sea where black algae collects to provide a top form of resilience. 



Senior Account MRM McCann: Avery Yuan
Account MRM McCann: Luna Gao
Producer Craft WW, Shanghai: Alexis Que
Art Director BETC Paris: Joseph Chalhoub
Senior Producer BETC Paris: David Green


Creative Directors: Oriol Puig 
Live Action Director: Yuri Alemany
Senior Producer: Hatty Christie
Head of Production: Albert Garcia Vila
Executive Producer: Chris Vulpi
Producer Assistant: Katerina Mileva
Art Director: Laura Ibañez
3D Leads: Oriol Mayolas, Alberto Corpas
2D Lead: Mikel Gomez

Editor: Miquel Alcoriza
Storyboard: Ignasi Moreno

Director of Photography: Rafa Lluch
Shoot Producer: Marie-Eve Ladouceur

SOUND DESIGN and MUSIC: Banjo Soundscapes

1st Assistant Director: Laura Ibañez
Phantom Operator & Focus Puller: Miguel Torres
Gaffer: Joan Planas
FX Technical Director: Marcos Díaz
FX Technician: Oriol Tarrida
Makeup artist: Manel Rosa
Talent: Lali Font Zheng