Head & Shoulders

Trizz, Saatchi London and P&G have upped the bar on its latest Head & Shoulders Men Ultra product demo.

Infused with the deep cleansing element of charcoal, this 6 second story was carefully described and backed up by agency examples of the charcoal and product interactions to be animated in 3d.

Trizz Director, Oriol Puig then made a series of high speed live action tests within the Trizz Phantom studio in order to judge the effects of water and neon lighting, reacting on the dark matter. This R&D was then carried over to our CGI team, lead by artist Alex Martin.

There are 3 main reactions, all fully crafted in extremely realistic 3d: The H&S product falls into frame upon the carbon surface which quakes, cracking up in a specific pattern as cg water then flows through the crevices - the product lands and sits perfectly on display.

Trizz creation and its full spectrum studio are providing an unmatched combination of expert in-house talent, tech-workshop, cgi and shoot production inside our creative environment.

Having all things integrated enables everything we do - hands on from the development of stories told, to the innovation and signature style that we embed along the creative and technical journey.

BRAND: P&GAGENCY: Saatchi London

Senior Producer: Laszlo Bederna
TV Producer: Catherine Lowth
Designer: Zack Davidson
Creative director: Celeste Dalairac


Creative Director: Oriol Puig 
Producer: Hatty Christie
Head of Production: Albert García Vila
Executive Producer: Chris Vulpi
Art research: Laura Ibañez
3D Lead: Alex Martin
2D Lead: Oriol Puig

3D Artists: Alejandro Echeverry, Ariadna Ollé