Herbal Essences | Essences of Life

“Essences of Life” was produced and directed by Trizz for Herbal Essences, a brand with vegan hair care products from Procter & Gamble.

This project was initially created only for online and print, yet was so well received by the brand and campaign agency MediaMonks, that they’ve added international media for broadcast on television.

The story embraces the “Essences of Life”, recalling the product's connection to nature by following a journey through refinement and fermentation. The essence is applied and transferred to our heroine, sparking life into her hair and lifting her spirit. The score created by Banjo Soundscapes completes the atmosphere for this natural journey.

The team couldn’t be more thrilled with the results which were produced over 3 months involving a combination of 10 days in our 1000 square meter studio utilising all the technological advantages for the best tabletop recordings. Another 3 days of live-action using five different locations and a final polishing from our award-winning CGI and VFX teams for detailing the radiant, natural and uplifting spot.

Trizz producers scouted locations based on authentic beauty and the owners’ commitment to conserving nature. The revenue generated by hiring these locations goes into that conservation. Our team prefers working in environments that require absolute respect and protection from any negative impacts. 

As with all our projects, we follow a strict COVID prevention plan to keep our community and our teams safe.

BRAND: Herbal Essences

Associate Brand Director: Jasmin Akpak
Brand Manager: Hussein Dhanani
Assistant Brand Manager: Laurianne Boisson
IPM: Guido Marchetti

AGENCY: MediaMonks

Group Account Director: Nienke Gras
Business Manager: Sophie Dean
Creative Director: Malin Hanås
Senior Creative: Alice Ratcliff
Senior Producer: Rosie Summons
Senior Producer: Nafeesa Yousef


    Creative Directors: Oriol Puig, Laura Ibañez
    Senior Producer: Cecilia Gomez
    Executive Producer: Chris Vulpi
    Head of Production: Simon Bath
    Account Director: Albert Garcia
    Art Direction and Research: Katerina Mileva
    2D Lead: Mikel Gomez

    Director of Photography: Rafa Lluch (In-House), Ed Gibbs (Location)
    Shoot Production Manager: Bet Rasqui
    Shoot Production Coordinator: Cristina Moreno
    Behind the Scenes: Nerea Hernandez

    Editors: Joan Solsona & Miquel Alcoriza
    3D Artists: NoLabel, Alex Martín
    2D Artist: David Gomez
    Coulorist: Moncho Sánchez-Gómez 
    Storyboard: Ignasi Moreno


    Group Account Director: Nienke Gras
    Product photograper: Marçel Vaquer
    Talent Photographer: Joanna Kustra
    Photo assitants: Aida de Sàrraga
    2D Retouch: Eclipse Creative Retouchin

    Sound Design and Music: Banjo


        Director: Laura Ibañez
        Focus Puller: Miguel Torres
        Gaffer: Joan Planas
        Streaming Technician: Miguel Torres
        FX Technical Director: Marcos Diaz
        FX Technitian: Oriol Tarrida
        Make Up: Valentina
        Prod Assistant: Yeray Muñoz
        Streaming: Gremlink


        1st Assistant Director: Juantxo Grafulla
        Camera 1st Assitant: Rafa Miralles
        Phantom Operator: Antonio Urquijo
        Camera 2nd Assistant: Xavi Baile
        Video Assistant: Amadeu Riera
        DIT: Victor Casasola
        Motor Home: Javi Puente
        Ronin: Xavi Guillén
        Gaffer: Javi Vázquez
        Best Boy: Xavi Carrión
        Spark: Berjillos, Nico Arana
        Camera Truck: Paco González
        Genny: Juan Osuna
        Light Truck: Álvaro Rodriguez
        Art Direction: Oriol Guardiola
        Art Assistant: Marta Sánchez
        Hair Stylist: Beatriz Matallana
        Hair Assistant: Crisanto Blanco
        FX Technical Director: Marcos Diaz
        Wardrobe Stylist: Paula López de Murillas
        Make Up: Beatriz Matallana
        Product: David Clarià
        Streaming Technician: Marc Blasco
        Set dressers: Peio Vizcaya, Ben Vinnicombe
        Art Truck: Casto Mendo
        Talent: Sonia Prado, Kim Lang, Emy Sato, Cesc Oriola
        Prod Assistant: Yeray Muñoz, Aitor Rau, Javier Palomino, Pau Arévalo
        Location Manager: Edu Giménez
        Casting: Luci Lenox
        Nurse: Alejandro Portero