A visual symphony of texture, nature, movement, rhythm, vibration and light – all designed to synthesise the core DNA of Hyundai. 

To reach our final treatment we defined the brand’s highest values as Design, Performance and Eco – and set these concepts in motion in a dance of perfect tension between the manufactured and the natural. 

We created these landscapes of liquid energy to move autonomously - driven by unseen, powerful natural forces. Our vision was to symbolise with movement the sensibility, care, and modernity of Hyundai.


AGENCY: Innocean Worldwide

Creative Director: Lewis Hunt
Executive Producer: Morten Frantz
Account Director: Petra Erbova


Film Concept Development: Oriol Puig, Lewis Hunt
Creative Director: Oriol Puig
Producer: Oriol Vives
Executive Producer: Chris Vulpi
Additional Art Direction and Research: Laura Ibañez
3D Leads: Alex Martín, Evaldas Cesnavicius
2D Lead: Oriol Puig

3D Artists: Oriol Mayolas, Juan León, Ariadna Ollé
2D Artists: Roberto García, Ricardo Perez
Editors: Carlos Carrasco, Oriol Vives, Oriol Puig
Storyboard: Javier Vaquero

Production Manager: Dani Molina
Director of Photography: Rafa Lluch
Production Assistant: Tomas Minguella


Camera: Oriol Puig
Assistant: Laura Ibañez
Set Design: Albert García Vila
Set construction: Albert García Vila, Laura Ibañez, Anna Caterina Melo
Motion Capture Dancers: Jana Errando, Victor Fernandez
Motion Capture: Oriol Mayolas
FX Technical Director: Nasa FX


Music composer: Daniel Lea - Golden hum 
Sound Mixing: Abbey Road