ISDIN is an international skin care company with anti-ageing products and made with innovative, natural ingredients.

Barcelona agency SMÄLL engaged Trizz to direct and produce the premiere release film for ISDIN Fusion Water in China that highlights an innovative story of skin regeneration.

Our starting point: Sun, Damage Prevention and Repair were all to be designed as a metaphorical story, told in transitions from sun dried, overly sensitive skin into energised, freshly hydrated repair - visualised with natural purity and a unique hydration process.

Challenges: our proposal was building 70% of the shoot elements in camera, while embedding the transformations with inner energy - the light within the tiny product ampules. For the surfaces we constructed earthy materials like clay, and dried it with heater rigs lit as a slider in time lapse, and connecting the liquid hydration elements and waves that visualise the “Fusion Water”.

Trizz meticulously designed the look & feel to progress into a main story of stimulating hydration.
The product that emerges was constructed using 3d and photo quality lighting methods.
The musical score was also proposed and supervised by Trizz.

This is another project where the amazing Trizz in-house team work out the factors of real-time design, technical and practical effects, building special liquid rigs and shooting with our Phantom Miro high speed camera until the perfect Brand story is achieved.

Trizz creation and its full spectrum studio are providing an unmatched combination of expert in-house talent, tech-workshop, cgi and shoot production inside our creative environment. Having all things integrated enables everything we do - from the development of stories told, to the innovation and signature style that we embed along the creative and technical journey.


Executive Producer: Jordi Dasca
Producer: Meritxell Antigua
Creative director: Fernando Planelles
Creative: Javi Garcia
Copy: Nacho Valgañon


Creative Director: Oriol Puig
Head of Production: Albert García Vila
Executive Producer: Chris Vulpi
Art Direction: Laura Ibañez 
3D Lead: Oriol Mayolas
2D Lead: Mikel Gomez

3D Artists:  Albert Pintor, Dani Lorenzo
Editor: Miquel Alcoriza
Colourist: Moncho Sánchez-Gómez

Director of Photography: Rafa Lluch 
Production Manager: Albert Garcia Vila

MUSIC: Hanan Townshend


      Phantom Operator: Laura Ibañez
      DIT: Marie-Eve Ladouceur
      Shoot assistant: Diana Ghise
      FX Technical Director: NASA FX
      Props: Xavi Asensio