Just Dance

Trizz created two maps for Just Dance with two separate and specialised teams and bespoke pipelines combining live action and CGI. Each team had two leading creative directors Fabio Medrano & Marco Bergstein and Alberto Corpas & Oriol Mayolas and the full Just Dance project was directed by Trizz ECD Oriol. Both teams had 3D support for the sims, rigging, character animation and Flame composite / finishing. The Ubisoft team was supportive and amazing to work with.


  • Brand Director: Amélie Louvet
  • Product Director: Hinde Daoui
  • Sr International Product Manager: Hélène Jeannin
  • International Product Managers: Kendra Meserve, Amandine Porcher-Guinet
  • International Product Manager Assistant: Léa Camilli
  • Associate Brand Artistic Director: Roland Sarvarie-Tabarot
  • Marketing Artists: Matthieu Corade, Yoann Le Gris, Marion Walle
  • Associate Producer: Emmanuel Djobet 
  • Associate Choreograph Director: Estelle Manas


  • Creative Director: Oriol Puig
  • Senior Producer: Hatty Christie
  • Executive Producer: Chris Vulpi
  • Head of Production: Simon Bath
  • Art Directors / Girl Like Me: Fabio Medrano, Marco Bergstein
  • Art Directors / Chandelier: Oriol Mayolas, Alberto Corpas
  • Additional Art Direction and Research:
    Laura Ibañez, Katerina Mileva, Florencia Hisi


  • Motion Capture: MOCAP BCN
  • Behind the Scenes: Katerina Mileva, Nerea Hernandez
  • Girl Like Me Dancer & Choreographer: Jessy Osseux, Estelle Manas
  • Chandelier Dancer & Choreographer: Ines Vandamme


  • CGI Art Director / Girl Like Me: Fabio Medrano, Marco Bergstein
  • CGI Art Director / Chandelier: Oriol Mayolas, Alberto Corpas
  • Animation Support / Chandelier: Alan Carabantes Person, Ignacio Conesa
  • Rigger / Chandellier: Alberto Corpas, Chris Nelder
  • 3D Team: Fabio Medrano, Marco Bergstein, Alberto Corpas, Oriol Mayolas, MakMac
  • 2D Concept Artist: Martin Barbudo
  • Compositing: Jorge Febrero, Mikel Gomez