La Mer | Miracle Broth

From a fisherman’s vessel through to the dense kelp forests of the deep, we follow the story of La Mer’s Miracle Broth from ‘sea to skin’. 

The ancient, healing wisdom of the sea inspired the creation of Miracle Broth, and also our visual scheme. Our narrative begins with the harvesting of pacific giant sea kelp, and then dives into a submerged, imagined world rich in nutrients and promise. 

Swirling forests of sea kelp give way to glistening liquid energy, bubbling with potency. Our visual narrative tells a story of natural origins of this product, the deep craftsmanship that goes into every synthesised drop, and the gorgeous, luxurious power of a liquid that explodes in beauty and healing energy.

This fascinating film for La Mer depicts the full range of Trizz studios capabilities and unique production methodologies.

Directed by co-founder Oriol Puig, Trizz has newly visualised La Mer’s core brand and the Miracle Broth DNA. The studios signature approach provided for a complete range - from design, live action drone production on sea side location, in-studio high speed table top filming of product and talent application scenes, special recording elements for the 3d and visual effects postproduction scenes, as well as music supervision and original composition with a symphony orchestra.

Our way of producing maximises creativity, efficiency, careful budget controls while staying true to our design aesthetic. This structure influences everything, from how we tell the story to how we innovate with new techniques. There is a mix of brand strategy, problem solving, invention, playfulness and calculated risk - the benefits in this way instil every shot with a fresh and brand relevant consistency. The result is a customised film specifically related to the core of the product and its upgraded visual brand world.

At Trizz studio we work hard to make stories that matter, developing and providing results that consumers can relate to beyond the 30 second flash messages regularly seen on tv.
Rather, we craft stories that are memorable, fascinating and beautiful to watch again and again, providing opportunities that can be shared, with intriguing and informing details about quality products.

Trizz do human, unexpected things because we care, not because we think the client “expects” it. That’s what matters and that’s what we love to bring to every project.


Creative Director: Jakob Daschek
Senior Video Producer: Andrea Pinto
Production Company: Blacklist
Executive producer: Adina Sales
Producer: Justin Harris


Creative Director: Oriol Puig
Producer: Hatty Christie
Head of Production: Albert García Vila
Executive Producer: Chris Vulpi
Art Research: Laura Ibañez
3D Leads: Oriol Mayolas, Alberto Corpas, Evaldas Cesnavicius
2D Lead: Mikel Gomez

3D Artists: Ariadna Ollé, Hugo García, Gustav Larsson, Gerardo Castellanos, Marc Garcia
Editing: Carlos Carrasco, Miquel Alcoriza
Colourist: Xavi Santolaya, Esther Tejada
Storyboard: Allan Rabello

MUSIC COMPOSER: Hanan Townshend


    Production Manager: Dani Molina, Silvia Fernandez
    Production Coordinator: Bea Sainz
    Production Assistant: Clara Ràfols
    Director of Photography: Rafa Lluch

    FX Technician: Salvador Santana, NASA FX
    Props: Lidia Sabaté
    Drone Operator: Rafa Castrillo, I-Drone team