League of Legends: Wild Rift | Dragonmancer Skins Trailer

The Dragonmancer Skins Trailer was another great collaboration between Trizz and Riot Games. We are always grateful for another opportunity to work with Riot Games and the League of Legends team in which we are all super fans. They have been one of our most supportive and creatively driven clients. The Dragonmancer Skins Trailer for Wild Rift wasn’t as complicated as our K/DA Villain concept video but it shared in its challenges. We are equally grateful to the fans that received it well and appreciated the artistry.

Many thanks to our rep Unlisted for bringing this opportunity and we are looking forward to creating more innovative and artistic cinematics in the future.



Executive Producer: Anita Emor
Producer: Steph Wu

John Black (Cypher)


Creative Director: Hitabarity 3D (Marcel Hita)
Executive Creative Director: Oriol Puig
Senior Producer: Jesús Rubio
Art Research: Laura Ibañez, Katerina Mileva, Nerea Hernandez, Kasia Foremski 
Executive Producer: Chris Vulpi
Head of Production: Simon Bath
3D Leads: Alberto Corpas, Oriol Mayolas
2D Lead: Mikel Gómez

3D Artists: Nacho Conesa, Alan Carabantes, Hugo García, Tamara Meiras, Giovanni Mauro, Twisted Mountain Animation, YoonJong Song, Alex Martin, Kiko Navarro, Pulla,  Pulla, Kenneth Robin, Ezequiel Grand "Caskal"
2D Artists: Jorge Febrero, David Gómez, Carlos Arandia

Editor: Joan Solsona
Storyboard: Nuno Nobre