For Nika we crafted an ‘organic transformation’ story, creating a cinematic, wordless narrative embodying the refinement and elegance of a Nika watch. 

Working in collaboration with Moscow’s Fetish Film, our animation concept set up a storyline of gold bars ‘preferring’ to be Nika watches, transforming themselves inside bank vaults. 

The moods, visual references and concept drawings we created for this project drew on elements of Russian culture and architecture, shimmering into recognizable forms for our audience. 

Brand: Nika Gold Luxury Watches

  • Agency: IQ marketing
  • Creative Director: Konstantin Tokarev
  • Production Company: Fetish film
  • Executive Producer: Tatiana Aldyn-Kherel
  • Live Action: Raf Wathion
  • DP: Mikail Kirschman
  • Music/sfx: Fabio Fonda

VFX Direction / CG / post: Trizz Studio