Trizz Studio - Nike
Trizz Studio - Nike
Trizz Studio - Nike


When Trizz received the call from Nike's Global Football Creative Director we got totally stoked. The chat, straight out of Oregon, went something like this: 

Art director-designer from Nike: We’ve got an exciting project we’d love to talk to you about. 
Trizz: We’d love to talk about it!
Nike: It revolves around visualizing and executing our Holiday16 training campaign images for Global Football and I think your team would be perfect for this!
Trizz: When can we start?
Nike: Just do it.

So the 3 superstar photos were delivered - Cristiano Ronaldo, Boateng, De Bruyne and Trizz was tasked with finding an artful yet informative mechanism to express the DNA of Nike’s amazing new fabrics with three dimensionality. 
The idea is that the outfits work with you like a second skin, ultra light, keeping you warm and dry and remaining agile to every move you make. 

The Trizz creative team was directed by Oriol Puig, who drew upon various forms of informational science and technology and through the 3d pipeline devised a tool between scans, cloth, particles all within 3d space to attain flowing patterns and renders composed as final print Key Visuals at over 10k resolution.