Big data. Small data. Cyberthreats and Cybersecurity. Giant themes that are far reaching into everyones lives.
Meet Oylo. The protector and defender software company that is providing cutting edge technology to assure data will not fail us.

Barcelona Brand Agency, Mucho briefed Trizz co-founder and director Oriol Puig to visually describe the technological nuances that their client Oylo provides. 
Their story premise: Keep out the bad. Protect essential infrastructures crucial to maintaining a functioning society.

Trizz studio’s Story Driven Branding methodology:
Presented with a powerpoint technical document that also served as a design kick-starter, Trizz co-founder Oriol Puig and CG art director Alex Martin translated the agency concept into one of the most nefarious, metaphoric and explicative films to date - in order to describe cyberattacks and how Oylo keeps us all safer. Fully in line with the release of Oylo’s new interactive website, the film follows the principles of good and bad, but takes the visuals into a realm on par with feature film level direction with pure cgi effects.

The brand story, relevance and 3d design converge with fascination; portraying nightmarish particle animation and soothing female voiceover narrating just how effective the product is. The film is a one of a kind, feeding from the daring new corporate design, as well as visually explaining exactly how the product consistently wins over cyberattackers.

At Trizz studio we work hard to make stories that matter, developing and providing results that consumers can relate to beyond the 30 second flash messages regularly seen on tv. Rather, we craft stories that are memorable, fascinating, beautiful (and sometimes crucial) to watch again and again, whilst providing content opportunities that can be shared with intriguing and informing details about quality products and brands which make a real difference. 


Creative Director: Marc Català

Creative Director: Oriol Puig
Head of Production: Albert García Vila
Executive Producer: Chris Vulpi
Art Direction and Research: Laura Ibáñez
3D Lead: Alex Martín
2D Lead: Mikel Gomez
Editors: Oriol Puig, Marc Soria

John Black, CypherAudio Studio
VO recording: OIDO