Pantene | Hera

Pantene gave us another opportunity to create a visual story for one of their hottest products. We created a product film for Pantene Hera where we chose to use cool landscapes, nature's fragility with soft soothing animations to tell their story. Our in house live action footage merged seamlessly with our cg.


Vice President of Haircare: Fanny Fan
Marketing Director: Show Ye
Brand Manager: Iris Wu


General Manager: Duffy Lau
Group Account Director: Jesppie Poo
Associate Account Director: Frankie Lo
Creative Partner: Joe Yue
Creative Director: Cherry Tong
Associate Creative Director: Alan Wong
Senior Art Director: Frankie Wong
Head of Content Production: John Lo
Senior Copywriter: Hawaii Xia    


Talent Photographer: Fernando Gómez
Photographer Assistant: Rosa Matilla
Photographer Assistant: Lucas Fernández


Fun Track Limited Wong Kin Wai


Creative & Live Artion Director: Maxime Durand
Executive Creative Director: Oriol Puig
Senior Producers: Hatty Christie, Mariana Conde
Executive Producer: Chris Vulpi
Head of Production: Simon Bath
Producer Assistant: Kasia Foremski
Art Research: Katerina Mileva, Nerea Hernandez
Creative Directors: Fabio Madrano, Laura Ibañez

Director of Photography: Rafa Lluch
Production Manager: Dani Molina
Production Coordinator: Aina Salarich
Behind the Scenes: Nerea Hernandez

3D Artists: Marco Bergstein, Dani Guixa, MakMac, Lucas Giraldez, 
2D Artists: Manu Rastrollo, Carlos Arandia, David Gomez, Xavi Giner
Colourist: Moncho Sánchez-Gómez
Matte Painting: Martin Barbudo, David Gibbons
Storyboard: Roger Pibernat
Editor: Miquel Alcoriza


1st Assistant Director: Laura Ibañez
Phantom Operator & Focus Puller: Miguel Torres
Alexa Operator & Focus Puller: Rafa Miralles
DIT: Katerina Mileva
Gaffer: Joan Planas
Light Programmer: Sandra Valencia
FX Technical Director: Oriol Tarrida
Make Up: Alba Pesas
Talent: Lali Font Zheng


1st Assistant Director: Oriol Rovira
1st AC: Rafa Miralles
2nd AC: Javier Baile
VTR: Miguel Torres
DIT: Víctor Cassasola
Gaffer: Joan Planas
BestBoy: Cesar Roca
Light Programmer: Sandra Valencia
Spark: Adrià Pardo
Product Specialist: Oriol Tarrida & Laura Ibañez
Hair Stylist: Gregory Kaoua
Hair Stylist Assistant: Quentin
Wardrobe Stylist Brisa Pastor
Wardrobe Assistant: Mariana Lucila
Make Up: Patricia Reyes
Talent: Brielee Lu
Production Assistants: Kasia Foremski, Aitor Rau
Streaming: Gremlink