Trizz worked closely with Mosaic agency to create a launch film for the new line of refreshing, naturally flavoured cannabis-infused sparkling water beverages.

For this project we had several logistic and technical challenges that included a live-action city sequence without being able to travel due to COVID travel restrictions.

Usually we would have liked to shoot the background in a real location with drone shots and other camera options, but given the situation with COVID19 we devised this system.

We found outstanding live action stock footage, in our case we used Film Supply. Their material is shot by professional directors of photography that work in advertising and deliver quality work.

The next challenge was that our film would be dictated by the background plate which is unusual as normally you shoot from the foreground to the background. So we decided that the best technique was to do a thorough research of stock footage, edit the shots into an offline with a reference of the main character over them and then 3D track the selected material shot by shot.

Once this was completed we would send the 3D tracking data to a robotic arm, which then would be able to replicate the exact same movement but in a real environment, so then, the robotic arm was moved to a green screen studio that included the talent for our main shoot. For every shot we would have the camera movement perfectly aligned with the background.

The major obstacle, once the technical part was figured out, was making sure that the stock footage was consistent throughout the piece as the shots were coming from different sources.

The talent needed to give an impression of weightlessness and for this, we used a series of techniques that involved wire suspension and balancing on objects to create that effect.

It was a great project to showcase our problem solving and innovation.

BRAND: Canopy Growth Corporation - Quatreau



Group Account Director: Barrett Holman
Account Director: Ashley Roberts
Creative Director: Laura Serra
Senior Creative: Jason Souce, Nick Pilon
Senior Producer: Paul Curtin, Angela Lee


Creative Director: Oriol Puig
Senior Producer: Cecilia Gomez
Head of Production: Simon Bath
Executive Producer: Chris Vulpi
Art Director: Laura Ibañez
Additional Art Direction and Research: Katerina Mileva, Florencia Hisi
3D Leads: Oriol Mayolas, Alberto Copas
2D Lead: Mikel Gomez

2D Artist: Jorge Febrero, David Gomez
Editor: Miquel Alcoriza
Colourist: Mikel Gomez

Shoot Producer: Aina Salarich
Production Manager: Dani Molina
Director of Photography: Rafa Lluch
Choreographer: Margherita Bergamo
Behind the scenes: Nerea Hernández, Ignasi Moreno

Photographer: Marçal Varquer
Photographer Assistants: Daniel Molina, Mikel Aloizola
Retouching: Kim Boix and Xavi Pullido


1st Assistant Director: Laura Ibañez
Camera Operator: Miguel Torres
Focus Puller: Miguel Torres
Gaffer: Joan Planas
FX Technical Director: Marcos Diaz Grillo
FX Technitian: Oriol Tarrida
Streaming: Gremlink


1st Assistant Director: Oriol Rovira
Phantom Operator: Angelo Freda
Camera Assistant: Rafa Miralles
Video Assistant: Marc Blasco
DIT: Victor Casasola
Gaffer: Joan Planas
FX Technical Director: Marcos Diaz Grillo
FX Technitian: Oriol Tarrida
Wardrobe Stylist: Brisa Sailetti
Make Up & Hair: Pilar Diaz
Make Up & Hair Assistant: Laura García
Talent: Lu Gao, Karim Belaye, Valentina Bonanni
Prod Assistant: Aitor Rau, Marc Massó
Marvin Operator: Luis Guillermo
Marvin File prep onset: Oriol Mayolas and Alberto Corpas
Streaming: Gremlink