Reese's | Inside

This was our second product film with Hershey’s Canada and Reese’s. The product film was made for Reese’s Pieces with Cookie Biscuit. Trizz’s creative team created a sensory experience that entices you with texture, crunch and flavors. Our live action and animation team created a universe of flavor with merging cg, particle simulation and live action.


Sr. Dir of Marketing: Alexia Wharton
Sr. Marketing Manager: Mathieu Gamache
Marketing Manager: Azim Akhtar
Asst. Marketing Manager: Dulangi Kapugama


Group Business Dir: Erin Wilbur
Account Director: Rhiannon Enss
Account Executive: Lauren Zaitz
Creative Director: Pete Breton
Creative: Sasha Barkans
Creative: Cristina Pineros
Senior Producer: Martina Esguerra


Creative Director: Fabio Medrano
Executive Creative Director: Oriol Puig
Senior Producer: Hatty Christie
Director of Photography: Rafa Lluch
Executive Producer: Chris Vulpi
Head of Production: Simon Bath
Account Director: Albert Garcia Vila
Art Research: Laura Ibañez, Katerina Mileva, Nerea Hernandez
2D Lead: Mikel Gomez
3D Lead: Fabio Medrano

3D Artists: Yigit Acik, Dani Guixa, Nachei Sánchez
Storyboard: Roger Pibernat



1st Assistant Director: Laura Ibañez
Camera Assistant: Katerina Mileva
DIT: Nerea Hernandez
Talent: Venancio Silva