Delving deep into the sensory experience of drinking Renuage brandy - our team defined a sequenced taste voyage, chronicling the distinctive flavour notes of one sip in a timeless, seductive visual narrative. 

This sensual film called for us to create an exquisite, luxuriant world, capturing waves of liquid forms suspended in an invisible glass. Our conceptual challenge was to make the elaborate, bodily sensation of drinking a fine brandy something you can admire, observe, and connect to. 

Using our signature visual poetic language, we transform sensation into narrative. Inside one sip of Renuage, the warmth of fire gives way to tingles of orange energy, with bursts of vanilla - landing with accents of walnut. This exquisite, visual journey of sensations and elaborate taste was made entirely in CGI.

BRAND: Galicia Distillery

Consulting Producer: Mary Ganzhenko
International Marketing Director: Nadin Demidova


Creative Director: Oriol Puig
Producer: Oriol Vives
Head of Production: Albert Garcia Vila
Executive Producer: Christopher Vulpi
3D Lead: Evaldas Cesnavicius
2D Lead: Oriol Puig

3D Artists: Gerard Casas, Kepa Casado
2D Artists: Marc Teixido, Xavi Pablo
Concept Art and Storyboard: Javier Vaquero

Alejandro Candela, Flow Studio