Teaming up with Ricola and Fuse Create, we embarked on a journey through a dynamic and delicious world. The new Ricola Throat Balm blends the sweetness of honey, the richness of caramel, and the refreshing essence of Swiss herbs, crafting a unique product full of flavor and character. 

Our mission was to create a visual language that captures the deliciousness of Ricola through a dynamic and artistic lens. By mixing photo-realistic ingredients with a powerful animation language, we produced a piece that showcases the best of both worlds.


Senior Vice President Marketing & Innovation:
Annette Young
Marketing Director: Becky Spruck
Brand Manager: Tara Bischoff


Group Account Director: Emily Merrigan
Account Director: Malcolm D’souza
Account Supervisor: Lily Ljubicic
Account Manager: Jenna Stafford
Executive Creative Director: Steve Miller
Copywriter: Mike Furlong
Art Director: Patrick Carter
Producer: Terra Stephen
Creative Strategy Director: Jacquie Kostuk
Creative Strategist: Emily Farrugia


Creative Directors: Marcel Hita
Senior Producer: Hatty Christie
Production Assistant: Kasia Foremski
Art Direction and Research: Katerina Mileva, Nerea Hernandez
3D Artists: Marcel Hita, Nick Zieroff, Alex Levington, Lucas Giraldez, Gerard Foix, Dani Guixa, Agustin Schilling's, Sebastian Gutnisky, VoidNLogic, Valentin Bertrand
2D Artists: Carlos Arandia, Mikel Gomez
Editor: Joan Solsona

Executive Creative Director: Oriol Puig
Executive Producer: Simon Bath
Account Director: Albert Garcia
Head of Accounting: Ana Baeza

SOUND DESIGN & MUSIC: Banjo Soundscapes