Roger Dubuis

Trizz and Swiss watch maker Roger Dubuis crafted its latest Excalibur Aventador S assembling in a race between light and the raging speed of the Laborghini Squadra - they both win!

Trizz Director, Oriol Puig and our cg-design team reinterpreted and visualised the brief to include laser optic light that transforms into intricate solid materials (patented pieces of the Excalibur AS), and brought to life as it reflects off the cars exteriors during a high speed cross-cut edit. Trizz was also responsible to supervise the original score and sound effects expanded in our Director’s cut.

Animated to define the inner workings of the watch fitting into their placement and as an eye catcher, the clean concept has a modern, fast appeal and energetic storytelling.

Trizz creation and its full spectrum studio are providing an unmatched combination of high level home grown talent, tech-workshop, cgi and shoot production inside our creative environment.

Having all things integrated enables everything we do - hands on from the development of stories told, to the innovation and signature style that we embed along the creative and technical journey.

Brand: Roger Dubuis

  • Creative Director: Charles Morand
  • Head of Communication & PR: Sarah-Anne Ducreux
  • Digital Content Producer: Lotfi Oulebsir
Production Studio: Trizz Studio
  • Creative Director: Oriol Puig
  • Art Direction: Alberto Corpas, Oriol Mayolas, Evaldas Cesnavicius
  • Creative Development & Art Direction: Laura Ibáñez
  • Executive Producer: Chris Vulpi
  • Head of Production: Albert García Vila
  • Production coordinator: Hatty Christie
  • Music Composition & Sound Design: Iván Llopis, Banjo Soundscapes
  • Editing: Oriol Puig, Miquel Alcoriza
  • Animation/Lighting/Rendering: Alberto Corpas
  • Animation/Lighting/Rendering: Oriol Mayolas
  • Animation/Lighting/Rendering: Evaldas Cesnavicius
  • 3D modeling and rendering: Ariadna Ollé
  • Camera and Animation: Hugo García
  • Flame Artist: Mikel Gomez