Shiseido | The Ginza

We are excited to announce our latest collaboration with Lambent Productions on a series of three films for Shiseido, The Ginza.

In these films, we showcase the unique features, advanced science, and exquisite beauty behind The Ginza Eye Cream and Shiseido Hybrid Gel-Oil products. Adhering to The Ginza's minimalistic and abstract visual language, we crafted a sensory visual journey that captures the essence of the brand. 

The films seamlessly blend CGI, live-action tabletop shots, and talent footage, all meticulously edited into a fluid and captivating narrative.


Creative Director: Ippei Murata Art Director: Reiko Shiga


Creative Producer: Naoko Kodama Producer: Wataru Hayashishita


Creative & Live Action Director: Laura IbaƱez
Executive Creative Director: Oriol Puig
Senior Producer: Hatty Christie
Head of Production: Simon Bath
Production Assistant: Kasia Foremski
Art Direction and Research: Katerina Mileva, Nerea Hernandez
3D Lead Artists: Marco Fontan, Marco Bergstein
2D Lead Artist: Mikel Gomez, Jorge Febrero
3D Animation: Marcel Hita
3D Modeller: Giovanni Mauro
3D Artists: Lucas Giraldez
2D Artists: David Gomez, HongRu Chen
Editor: Miquel Alcoriza
Director of Photography: Rafa Lluch
Behind the Scenes: Nerea Hernandez


Camera Operator: Katerina Mileva
DIT: Katerina Mileva
Gaffer: Nacho Conesa
FX Technical Director: Oriol Tarrida, Sandro Bocci

SOUND DESIGN & MUSIC: Banjo Soundscapes