Spring Thunder

Trizz Director's version.

Trizz created the feature film Logo animation opener for JL design's client, film production company Spring Thunder Entertainment of Taiwan.

Inspired by the mechanics of kinetic sculptures, Trizz designed the logo reveal as a journey extracted from nature by traveling through metaphorical clouds, rain, thunder and ending with the blossoming logo. Enjoy!

Brand: Spring Thunder Entertainment Group

  • Agency: JL Design
  • Executive Producer: Angela Moo
  • Creative Director: Johnason Lo
  • Art Director: Lance Wei
  • Senior Producer: Chiaying Tsai
Production Studio: Trizz Studio
  • Creative Director: Oriol Puig ( Trizz )
  • Executive Production: Chris Vulpi (Trizz)
  • Head of Production: Albert García
  • CG supervision/Lighting: Oriol Mayolas
  • Concept / Art Direction : Oriol Puig / Laura Ibañez
    • Junior Modeler / Animation: Juan Leon
    • Junior Modeler / Animation: Miguel Angel Curto
    • Concept Artist: Javier Vaquero